6 Tweets Trump Wishes He Could Take Back (and Send Again)

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Don’t you wish you could go back in time and delay that tweet just a little bit. That’s what we at The Releventist are assuming when it came to The Donald and his presidential tweets. So without further assumptions here are 6 Tweets Donald Trump Wishes He Could Take Back, and Send Again.

  1. trumptweet1“#2018 was the greatest year in american history”

    In the spring of 2017 Secretary of the Defense, James Mattis, advised President Trump to send a pointed message to ISIS that we, as a nation, were far ahead of the Muslim world in doing fine. But a miscalculation in the Gregorian calendar left many confused and belligerent. “Yes, 2018 is going to the greatest year in American history. And it was a grievous mistake to have let that intel fall into the hands of our enemies this early. We are looking into who to blame and how to punish them accordingly,” said Jeff Sessions just moments after the tweet was published.

  2. trumptweet2“@VP 5 credit hours from #Trump University if you resign tonight. #gutless coward”

    An ongoing inside joke between President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence prematurely debuted after the Burmese hostage crisis in April. Mike Pence has been quoted saying, “This message was going to be released to the public as an attempt to raise the American Spirit at some point in the future, when we needed it most. You know, when everyone was feeling bummed out. But now I’m afraid it has gone from a joke to a subtle threat.”

  3. trumptweet3“good so good. Amasing.”

    We assume President Trump just forgot to tag the intended recipient of this praise filled tweet. But the unintended consequence that each and every American took the compliment personally, resulting in a ten point bump in approval ratings, is something that we’re sure Trump would gladly do again if he could. This kind of mistake does not come along often in a Presidents term and the Donald is smart enough not to try recreating that magic that captivated the nation. It would just be disingenuous.

  4. trumptweet4“@Sprite Don’t like Sprite. #Don’t like it.”

    A thousand monkeys typing at a hundred typewriters could not come up with this shocking take down of one of Americas most treasured national treasures. The Donald has never been one to consider how he might come across on twitter before. And this tweet shows he has no intention of starting now.

  5. trumptweet5“@hillary4prezzy his name was #crackers?”

    Inaccurate? Yes. Racist? Maybe. All we can say for sure is that we can’t keep up with what in the world the president is talking about, although he seems to be taunting Sandra Miles, 24, from Spokane, WA for some reason, who goes by the handle “@hillary4prezzy”. This tweet, whatever it is he’s talking about, obviously drips with vindictiveness and hate for someone, something, or some class of seemingly oppressed people.

  6. trumptweet6“@real_batman Do you think I would be #POTUS if twitter wasn’t anonymous? Dont think so!”

    Donald Trump knows that twitter is, in fact, not anonymous when the user is verified and using their actual name, right? A defiant threat from our leader has put him at odds with the worlds greatest detective. I hope he knows that even the man of steel has been stopped before by this half of the dynamic duo.

President Donald J. Trump loves twitter and seems to be okay with putting whatever out there. We think he would be happy taking down any post just so he could get the rush of using what the kids these days call the internet. After all, it is amazing. So good.


  • Nathaniel Watson

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