8 Things You Might Have Missed in the Punisher Trailer

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After the massive letdown that has been the Marvel Cinematic Universe we are all looking forward to something to cleanse our pallets and start anew. Although it might not look like it, the trailer for the upcoming Punisher series just might be the thing to kick off a new start to this debacle. Here are 8 things we found that You Might Have Missed in the Punisher Trailer.

  1. A New Direction for Frank Castle


    Pause at exactly 0:07 and it is apparent that Netflix has decided to take the otherwise grim tale of the Punisher in a more uplifting direction, as indicated by the large smile on family man, Frank Castle’s, face as he spends time with his family. Is this a blooper that somehow made it into the trailer, or a bold move on the part of Marvel/Netflix to bring in more child friendly audiences?

  2. A Much Needed Cameo

    At the :27 mark we can clearly see in the background Dolph Lundgren’s apartment. You know, Dolph Lundgren? The original Punisher? Rumor has it that the Swedish superstar might make an appearance as Frank Castle’s father slash arms dealer in the new series.

  3. Product Placement That Beats You Over the Head

    The tech savvy among you might have noticed google’s new website design at 1:09, clearly visible on the computer monitor in front of our hero. Though still in beta this is obviously a P.R. ploy to make the new design acceptable to the new generation. But will the new addition of one color pay off for the Big Brother of the Internet? Only time will tell.

  4. A Mathematical Easter Egg punisher4

    There are 1175 shots fired throughout the trailer and 6 guns are cocked 19 times. The interesting thing is that 6 times 19 times 1175 is approximately 122,822. But get this, Stan Lee’s birthday is 12/28/22 –  Coincidence? Or one explosive easter egg!

  5. Music’s Most Heated Rivalry

    You might think you hear Metallica playing but what only the most attentive listeners realize is that this is actually a cover version by Josh Groban. Groban, though famously despising James Hetfield, is under contract by Netflix to provide music for all netflix originals in 2017. The music choice was set, the re-creation was made, and to the trained ear the difference is painfully clear.

  6. Marvel Let’s Nothing Go to Waste

    punisher6Those few that attended the ill-fated Squirrel Girl panel at the Des Moin Comicon in 2016 might have already picked up on this. Marvel has undeniably repurposed, shot for shot, the original, unreleased trailer for the project The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.  Animatics from scrapped Squirrel Girl project almost perfectly line up with the sequences in the trailer for Marvel’s favorite gun wielding, unpowered, superhero. Sadly, the rush to release and cash in on the gritty marvel craze has unintentionally lead to a much lighter Punisher than what audiences were expecting.

  7. A New Sidekick

    punisher7At 1:25 we are introduced to the “sidekick” of the series. But what you might not have caught is that the writers of Punisher have chosen to use Rick Jones, famous sidekick of the Hulk, instead of Microchip, the classic Punisher sidekick. It’s a bold choice and we won’t know if it’s going to work or not until the release in November 2018. The biggest upside of this is the possible additional crossover of Betty Ross, Marvels sexiest female character has yet to introduce to any screen big or small, and we have our fingers crossed that she will make an appearance. Hulk smash indeed.

  8. Punisher Going It Alone punisher8

    Daredevil is not referenced and cannot seem to be found anywhere in this trailer. And this goes for the rest of the Marvel friends. We looked and looked but couldn’t find anything. Heck, we would have settled for something from Aquaman, or Namor, as he’s known around New York City. It’s going to be rough, but we might be able to drudge through this tedious affair.

Though Marvel has been inconsistent with the quality of it’s intellectual properties it looks as though we can expect more of the same. At least we can kill an afternoon or two while waiting for them to get around to a much needed Forbush Man series.


  • Thom Vales


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